WaveTech excels by the quality of its products, establishing and monitoring its own KPI’s, indexes at each stage, so that the results can meet various standards, even at an international level. The organization develops standards of inspection performed by highly specialized engineering team in acoustic perception, so that each hearing aid produced has received qualified attention for its approval, before and after reaching its user.

In the processes, the quality standard is the Regulatory, Good Practices of Manufacturing of Medical Products (ANVISA’s BPF), as well as the standards of the ISO 9001: 2015 and 13485: 2016 Standard. Complementing and improving all activities are the ISO 14001: 2015 ABNT NBR Standard and a nascent “Compliance” system, the latter in the initial phase of implementation.

The sound fidelity of Wavetech devices is tested using the FONIX Analyzer 8000 system, electronic reading equipment for hearing aids, in compliance with ISO / IEC 60.118-7: 2005, specific for AASI measurements. This equipment is worldwide used in measurements of hearing aids and its fidelity is designed by the manufacturer Frye Electronics Inc. – Oregon – USA.