WaveFit is a programming software developed to be used by professionals of speech therapy during the sections of adjustments of hearing aids, was developed and presented in Portuguese language. It is compatible with the unified platform NOAH, available for the SUS and can be customized of the Portuguese language, promoting immediate adaptation. The NOAH platform is the unified hearing aid database supported by all major international manufacturers. The software is capable of communicating with HI-PRO programmers (main hearing instrument programmer in the world) and ON-SEMI DSP “Programmer”. It presents a driver and has implemented the protocols of communication of said programmers, both to record parameters and to read their current state in the connected prosthesis. The graphic interface was developed in order to allow different levels of speech therapist action. Due to the relatively large number of algorithms and options present in the device, each with several parameters, it is convenient to automate tasks of greater complexity, allowing, however, their manual manipulation if considered necessary. Thus, in the software is inserted a basic adjustment mode, to reduce the period required for the change, and an advanced mode, for the particular cases. contains important differentials. The first one is that the algorithm couples the parameters together, from mathematical and physical rules, so that the change of a given variable automatically causes changes in the complementary variables. In practice, this means that the software adjusts itself to every adjustment made by the speech pathologist – a kind of automated fine-tuning. Another relevant feature concerns the before and after technique, similar to the work system used by ophthalmologists. In an adaptation, the professional changes a parameter and asks the patient if there was improvement or worsening. In the WaveTech device, with each change, the software registers the difference and, by dichotomy, it reaches an optimum point. In other systems, setpoints can be infinite, which makes the activity more complex and difficult. A third peculiarity is that WaveTech software has what is called a psychoacoustic character. This means that he interprets the patient’s perceptions of sound and transfers them to the algorithm.